Flat Fee Structures

Norris Legal Atlanta Law Group, LLC offers a majority of its services on an upfront, flat fee basis. For our flat fee projects, we typically provide an initial free review of your project with an estimate of time and complexity, a specific scope of services and a flat fee proposal for the services. If you choose to accept, the flat fee is your total fee paid to our firm for such project and if you decline, there is no obligation to repay us for our review.

All of our services for Estate Planning and Contract Drafting are available on an upfront flat fee basis. Many of our services for Estate Administration, Corporate Counsel, Real Estate and Mergers & Acquisition are available on an upfront flat fee basis as well.

A number of our flat fee services can be found at www.legaleeze.com.   Additional flat fee services are available upon request and on a case by case basis.

Hourly Cap Structures

For many Contract Review and General Consulting services, we offer hourly caps on our services where we perform services at our normal hourly rates, not to exceed a total fee cap determined by our clients.

Hourly Structures

Certain practice areas such as Litigation, Negotiations and Dispute Resolution can be challenging to provide on a flat fee basis. While we are happy to structure these types of engagements on a flat fee basis, we typically prefer not to do so in order to avoid charging our clients any more than it takes to get the job done.

Hourly Rates

Our standard hourly attorney rates currently range from $195 per hour to $295 per hour.  We also offer discounted rates for our Administrative Services as low as $95 per hour.  Our rates are re-assessed and modified every six to twelve months based on demand. We do, however, offer “locked rates” for existing clients where we assure that your rates will never go up with our firm. This is our reward to our clients for their loyalty as we allow them to “lock” rates with our firm which are not subject to future demand. In other words, the first rate you pay with our firm is the permanent rate you pay with our firm.

For our ongoing, recurring clients, we also offer discounted hour bundles which are available at up to thirty-three percent (33.0%) of our standard rates.  We also offer the same discounted rates to most non-profit organizations, as one of our ways of giving back.

Family Office Services

Compliance and Maintenance is a key component of our practice and we offer a wide range of basic, annually recurring compliance services for flat fees as low as $100 per service. These services including Corporate Renewals, Crummey Letters, Registered Agent Service, Gift Compliance, Annual Minutes, Corporate Resolutions and more. If you are interested to create a Family Office Plan for your family or your business, please let us know.

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