“Concierge” is a concept that we embrace as a result of our years and variety of experiences helping clients and families. What is “Legal Concierge”? To us, that simply means being available to help our clients when they need us.


Emphasizing Family and Leadership

In our world, every family is a business and all families are different. Some families have two members, and some have more but the practice of protecting every family is a business. We emphasize family leadership and the concept that every family needs a leader. Some clients are natural leaders, and some are forced to become leaders. Regardless of whether leadership is delegated by choice or necessity, family leaders solve problems and we help build solutions.

Helping Family Leaders

Whether proactive or reactive, we help family leaders when it comes time to help their parents, children or their community. Our team regularly helps leaders assist their parents, identify elder care, purchase and improve homes, assist with law enforcement, secure child custody and plan for their future. Family leaders are often asked to serve as an executor or trustee. Our compliance and efficiency allow leaders to focus on the big picture of taking care of their family while we assist with paperwork, bill pay and modifying the administration of trusts and estates to achieve family goals.

Building Continuity

Our amazing network of professional advisors is a huge part of our team approach to help family leaders do their job. We regularly help leaders review investments, identify appropriate investment managers and personal banking relationships designed to achieve their family’s needs and goals. With those advisors, we help family leaders articulate and efficiently transfer family investment policies across multiple generations.

Organize, Review and Protect

Families work hard to build their balance sheet and our job as Legal Concierge is to help organize, review and protect the items that compile that balance sheet. We protect by helping review insurance coverages to ensure appropriate coverage. When families suffer injury to property or a personal injury, we help make sure they are protected and their coverage sticks.

Tax Efficiency Support

Tax efficiency ties everything together. We help families design and implement tax strategies to minimize everything from income tax to property taxes. Whether our family leaders are building wealth, transferring wealth, protecting what they built or simply taking care of those they love, our Concierge Services provide support, efficiency and solutions for tax when needed “on call”.

Our Legal Concierge Services are available to our existing Estate Planning clients.