Estate Planning. Simplified.

Our estate planning process evolves with time, yet it has consistently been reviewed as “Simplified”. For all clients, we recommend three core estate planning documents: (1) Will, (2) Financial Power of Attorney, and (3) Medical Directive. Some clients may also need or want to create a trust. We offer two ways to get started in creating the plan that is right for you: telephone call or in-office consultation. No matter how busy you might be, we always make it simple.

For simplified plans, we offer our 5 Model Structures.

Family Starter Plan

Who May Be Interested:

  • Young families just getting started and seeking core planning for minor children

Dynasty Trust Plan

Who May Be Interested:

  • Families interested in starting a wealth preservation plan to transfer assets over multiple generations

Marital Trusts

Who May Be Interested:

  • Asset protection for surviving spouse
  • Estates anticipated over $5M

Revocable Family Trust

Who May Be Interested:

  • Owners of Special Assets
  • Blended families
  • Retirees
  • Business Owners

Basic Estate Plan

Who May Be Interested:

  • Clients seeking basic planning for surviving spouse and adult children