Wide Range of Clients

We represent family offices, technology companies, investment managers, marketing companies, real estate professionals, transportation companies, restauranteurs, artists and all types of entrepreneurs. Regardless of the industry or nature of trade, we make sure our corporate clients are property insured from day one. Our tax planning skills allow us to help clients design a corporate structure that combines streamlined compliance and maintenance with tax minimization strategies.


Not all ideas start with the big firms. In fact, most entrepreneurs do not have the budget or recurring need for big firms. Our “General Counsel” practice blends day-to-day contracts, tax, entity formations, acquisitions, registrations, disputes and general counsel all “in-house” on an as needed basis. Our approach allows small to mid-size companies to stay lean when they can but maintain access to expanded expertise when it’s needed.

Helping You Expand

Once the base is formed, we help our clients expand through acquisitions, negotiations, strategic partnerships and reliable agreements. When the time comes to resolve disputes, protect intellectual property, reward employees, organize investors or construct employee handbooks, our specialists collaborate to deliver efficient, dependable results. Our “General Counsel” model creates the “in-house” legal department for your business when it’s needed.

Innovation for the Future

We believe that our community is positioned and poised to be an incubator of culture and innovation for future generations. In order to become something, however, every new concept requires organization, hard work and diligence. Our approach is to use our infrastructure and our amazing network of experienced specialists to help build and maintain the organization that every successful business needs from day one.